How we film weddings

Passsion in every look

Doing wedding films is much more than just point and shoot for us.
We have a real desire to capture the couple's essence, know their story and capture their day in a way you can see and feel their love.
We don't use formulas. Each wedding has it's own story and flavor of its own.
The footage is captured with most recent 4k cameras, professional audio gear, drone and high-quality equipment. Every film is color graded to high standards, edited with finesse and a true effort to make each wedding video a true film.

About Gabriel

Looking at my old pictures as a kid, it’s obvious what I was gonna be. Always with a camera in my hand, photographing my mom, my little sister, nature and everything that I thought was interesting. At 13, I did my first ‘surf movie’ (of my friends, with a borrowed Handycam, edited using an old PC). I had a big barbecue party so I could watch it with everyone. In the middle of the screening, the audio stopped, tragically hilarious. Even though it was a disaster, seeing people’s positive reaction to my film lit a fire in me that kept on burning since.

15 years later, years of studying, practicing, traveling the world filming weddings and events, from Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro to the Paralympics Games in Canada, I am no longer the same boy I was. What has never changed, however, is the love I have for what I do and the joy I get from seeing people’s reactions to my films.

5 Facts About Me

1. I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and lived there most of my life. I have been living in Los Angeles for the past two years. Both cities hold a special place in my heart.

2. My dog is my best pal. His name is Zidane and he is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I don't need an alarm with him - every morning he jumps on me and stomps around until I wake up.

3. I've been married for 5 years. I fell in love with my wife when I was 18 and she was 17, and never fell out of it. She's my best friend, biggest supporter and, as a bonus, she bakes like an angel.

4. I love surfing but am terrified of seeing a shark out there. Doesn't help that my wife is a shark junkie and loves watching shark movies. All. The. Time.

5. I'm very passionate about music, and taught myself how to play the guitar when I was young. This hobby helps me immensely with my video making career - choosing the right songs and editing to the right rhythm is key in any film.


Latest Testimonials

Gabriel is an amazing videographer. I have been to several weddings where the Videographer was just that- start and end of their job and services.... Gabriel went above and beyond by showing up early and filming the beach site. We are a blended family and he made sure to make everyone feel special and included. He helped set up and get to know our wedding party and didn't seem to mind that we took our time with everything! He didn't make us feel rushed, or like he was on a clock of any kind... He wasn't afraid to get down and dirty and get the shots our photographer was afraid to get. Time seemed to hover and he was so amazing it was like he was a very dear family member that we just met! Thank you Gabriel for not just capturing but making our day so remarkable and everything that we hoped and dreamed for!
Nick Coleman and Family

Latest Testimonials

This is thee only way to go! As I said to Gabriel before, I will say it again, he was the only wedding vendor that gave me excitement about our wedding in the midst of all the stress and frustration of wedding planning. If I could go back and do things differently, there are many things I would change; having Gabriel as my wedding videographer would NOT be one of them. His videography makes your special day that much more special! The cinematic style and editing of his videos makes you feel like you are a Hollywood celebrity starring in “Dream Wedding: The Movie.” Sure, there are other videographers that can offer you the cinematic wedding video style as well; but Gabriel is more than just a videographer. He is a professional that is passionate for what he does, and it can bring you so much comfort to know that this is more than just a job to him. He gets just as excited as you to capture your beautiful day! Many wedding vendors don’t take into account how much money and effort goes into planning your perfect day. Some even treated me as if they were doing me a favor. Not Gabriel though! Like I said at the beginning, he was the only vendor that brought me peace during our wedding planning chaos. Now that my wedding is over, I keep thinking of different celebrations I can start planning just so I can have Gabriel capture it as well. When my husband and I watch our wedding video, we almost look silly because of how much we are smiling while staring at the TV. It’s funny that when we were taking wedding costs into account, someone told us to skip the wedding video and have pictures only. I’m so glad we didn’t listen! I can only assume that this person had never seen an Igarashi film before, or else he would have never given such an advice. I am a very picky, detailed oriented person; which is why I basically planned the entire wedding myself. I didn’t fully trust anyone to bring what I wanted into reality. Gabriel did though! He captured our reality and edited into a dream. Seriously! Trust me when I said that Igarashi Films is the wedding vendor for your special day. Thank you Gabriel!
Amanda & Eduardo
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